1. Introduction:

These terms govern your use of the course and outline your rights and responsibilities. By purchasing and accessing the course, you agree to these terms.

2. Single-Person Use:

This course is intended for individual use. Upon purchase, you are granted an immediate personal, non-transferable license to access the course content. Sharing, distributing, or allowing others to use your access is strictly prohibited.

3. No-Refund Policy:

Given the digital nature of the course and the instant access provided, all sales are final and I do not offer refunds, except in specific circumstances or major problems. If you encounter significant issues that prevent you from accessing or using the course as intended, please reach out to me directly. I will make every effort to address and resolve the problem. If a resolution is not possible, a refund will be considered.

4. Monitoring and Suspicious Activity:

I reserve the right to monitor and review access to the course to ensure compliance with these terms. Any suspicious IP activity or indications of unauthorized sharing or misuse may result in immediate termination of access without refund.

5. Lifetime Access:

You are granted indefinite access to the course. Should the course website be taken down for any reason, all course materials will be sent directly to the students to ensure continued access.

6. Intellectual Property:

Apart from any embedded content from third party sites as well as any other resources where I expressly mention they are from an outside source, all content, including videos, scripts, exercises, and other materials, is the intellectual property of Adrian Pueyo. Any use of course materials beyond personal learning is prohibited without written consent.

7. Changes to Terms:

These terms may be updated or changed at any time, and although any updates on the terms will be published and sent in written form, it is your responsibility to stay informed.

8. User Content:

While the course may allow for user interactions, such as forum posts or comments, you retain all rights to the content you create and share. However, by providing content, you grant a license for its use in the context of the course. Any content that violates these terms or other policies may be removed.

9. Feedback and Concerns:

I value your feedback and will strive to improve the course based on your input. If you have concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. By providing feedback, you grant the right to use it without any restrictions or compensation.

10. Security:

While efforts are made to ensure the security of your account and related information, absolute security cannot be guaranteed. Please report any unauthorized use or security breaches immediately.

11. Third-Party Content:

The course may provide links or references to third-party content or websites. I am not responsible for the content or security of third-party sites.

12. Disclaimers:

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the course content, it is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind.

13. Governing Law:

These terms are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside. Any disputes arising from these terms will be resolved in the appropriate legal forum.

By purchasing and accessing the course, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms.

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