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Adrian Pueyo

I am a Visual Effects & Virtual Production Supervisor specialized in feature films, with a digital compositing background, extensive photography and lighting fundamentals and a strong interest for filmmaking, 3D, maths, programming and color workflows, who loves learning every minute on the high-end of a passion built for many years.


You can find more about my main professional work areas in the Work section of this website. Here, you can learn more about me on the personal level.


Moving pixels has been my biggest passion ever since I have memory.

As a kid I wished for a video camera until I got one at age 8 and I went crazy with clay stop motion and action short films.

At age 11 I discovered the magic of Photoshop and began my journey in digital design and graphic effects. I later got into web design and development and started selling websites to companies, while I was collaborating with different GFX (graphic effects) galleries and online communities, and started learning still photography.

Here’s some GFX, Web Design and Photography from my teenage years (13 to 15)

Me shooting a parkour video.

At age 15 I started to combine my GFX hobby with filmmaking (which I also started doing commercially), giving rise to an interest in post production and growing a passion for visual effects, the point of intersection of all my hobbies.


Through the following years I learned avidly every minute I had, studied 2 years of Electronic Engineering (learning the maths and getting bored of the rest) and studied a Masters in Creation of VFX in U-Tad (where I currently direct the Masters in Digital Compositing) while working in the 2D department for various feature films.


Thenceforth I focused my career as a digital compositor for feature film VFX, an industry that keeps me enormously motivated every single day.


Here's some of my filmmaking projects.

Initially dragged into filmmaking for creating parkour videos, shooting and editing later became a really strong hobby of mine.

Apart from parkour edits, I did a bunch of corporate videos as well as events, music videos and short films about sports, with clients such as People Are Awesome or 20th Century FoxAnd of course, I couldn’t resist doing some personal pieces based on childhood nostalgia such as “Super Mario Reality”.

Some of the film lenses I used on my teenage filmmaking years.


What makes me want to jump out of the bed in the mornings.

Me with my 2019-2020 students.

My current goals haven’t changed much in the past years – doing what I love in film visual effects and virtual production as an artist, supervisor, developer and teacher, working on great projects alongside super talented artists, and never stop having challenges… problems that can stop being so forever if the right solution is found and the appropriate workflow put in place.

I hope to never stop learning, as there’s so much to learn and improve in every single corner of this craft, and so much room for new technology. I hope to keep sharing this passion, training and inspiring others, and to keep working at the forefront of Visual Effects and Virtual Production, witnessing and driving their evolution.

When not learning or teaching, I can’t stop creating things a single moment, and hope I will be able to keep contributing my grain of salt to the development of image manipulation tools and techniques.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence.
To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.

Other fun

The off-topic fun stuff goes here.

Here’s some “unrelated” stuff I love to do, although everything’s related.

Parkour is my number 1 in sports. Boulder and rock climbing, tennis, padel, flipping and anything with individual challenges go next. I love drumming and piano, weird instruments such as Otamatone and all things percussion. Huge obsession with nutrition and health but that’s a topic for another website.

I publish fun and hobby-related stuff on my personal instagram account, @pueyomadd.

Btw, made this website too!
Adrian climbing a mountain wall in Madrid

Oh, and visiting amazing landscapes is surely one on the top.


If you'd like to get in touch with me directly, feel free to use this form.

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